Where Have You Come From and Where Are You Going?

7 The angel of the Lord found Hagar beside a spring of water in the wilderness, along the road to Shur. 8 The angel said to her, “Hagar, Sarai’s servant, where have you come from, and where are you going?” Genesis 16:7-8 First of all, am I the only one who thinks that Genesis 16Continue reading “Where Have You Come From and Where Are You Going?”

Proverbs 31 OBS Group 49 ~ Gold Seekers

Written 23 October 2013 for My OBS Small group I wanted to share something with you as I was thinking about and praying for our group this morning. This morning, I referred to the group as 49’ers, which I try not to do because of the 49’ers football team. Anyway, as I was driving toContinue reading “Proverbs 31 OBS Group 49 ~ Gold Seekers”

Isaiah’s First Day of Middle School

I have to be honest, I was never one of the mom’s that cried when my kids started Kindergarten, but this morning as I dropped my son off for his first day of sixth grade I found myself tearing up. As he nervously walked toward the door, I could feel the last threads of theContinue reading “Isaiah’s First Day of Middle School”